WORKOUT™coffee is infused with TheaFit™ a theaflavin-enriched black tea extract which has been shown to produce significantly higher peak power output, reduce oxidative stress, lower cortisol levels, minimize delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and reduce inflammation. Through world-class science and rigorous clinical trials led by Dr. Shawn Arent, TheaFit™ was awarded two US patents for increased exercise performance and reduced recovery time.*  

*U.S. Patents 9,101,666 & 8,563,047

Why it works.

Shawn M. Arent, PhD, CSCS*D, FISSN, FACSM 
Director, IFNH Center for Health and Human Performance 
Director, Graduate Program in Kinesiology & Applied Physiology, Dept. of Kinesiology & Health - Rutgers University 
2017 Outstanding Sport Scientist of the Year

By adding TheaFit™ to our coffee blends, we have combined the unique performance and health benefits of the two and made “superior performance coffees” by creating synergistic blends that may maximize exercise performance and recovery as part of a solid training and diet plan.

Dr. Arent adds "One of the keys to continued progress with training is the ability to recover quicker not only within a workout, but also from session to session. One limiting factor in that is the development of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is often associated with reduced power. Unfortunately, some of the things that can be a part of developing DOMS (inflammation, oxidative stress, muscle damage) also happen to be responses that are an important part of long-term adaptation. Solutions like taking NSAIDs wind up potentially impairing progress.. That's one of the things that made the research findings for the high-potency black tea extract (TheaFit™) so unique - these "necessary" responses were still able to occur, but the recovery from them was significantly faster. This resulted in not only greater performance within the interval session, but also less soreness 24 and 48 hours later. Subjects were able to do more work with less physiological stress and with faster recovery."


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